Wednesday, 27 July 2011

44 year old Malaysian lady at the office

Becca is a Malaysian Chinese lady, aged 44. Still in good shape with lovely toes. She works in the same office and I have been trying for many weeks to get a decent picture of her lovely feet. Yesterday, I finally succeeded thanks to my boyfriend who taught me how to do it

I will try and post more of Becca. She almost caught me taking this picture so I have to be extra careful when I voyeur peoples feet. I think it would be freaky if people found out that a woman is taking another woman's feet because of her obsession.

Enjoy, xoxoxox - Love Sasha.

1 comment:

Jimmy Da Foot said...

Her feet really are lovely.
I have this fascination with the heels of a woman's feet.
I especially love when the heels are a bit rough so that if given the chance I could get them soft again with lotion and loving care.
She has very lovely heels ;-)